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We Give Soul to Your Automation

E.T.I. is a company that work in the industrial automation sector since 1981

Building the project from the paper up to the system built and running following all the stages of creation



We design and build wiring diagrams according to the specifications provided by customers. Our diagrams can be multi language and drawn up from connector lists and parts lists.


We build electrical cabinets of all types and sizes based on customer requests, from the toughest to precision environments.


We design PLC, HMI and Supervision software for industrial automation systems of any nature, from foundry systems to robotic handling islands to special systems specifically requested by the customer.


The values ​​of E.T.I. have been, since its foundation, to focus on the quality of the product offered to the customer and not on the quantity of the same. Our strong point has always been that of not dwelling on a single application field, but of varying according to the customer’s requests. This has led us to acquire considerable experience in Foundry plants, with the resulting induced, and on Robotized Islands, of whatever nature they are. Nevertheless, we look at requests beyond the fields mentioned above in the field of industrial automation.

As a company we aim to be in step with the times with regards to components and production processes, in particular on the theme of Industry 4.0 since it has become the future of all plants.

To meet these expectations E.T.I. uses the best products on the market, is therefore able to perform all customer requests. In fact, the company can count on more than ten years of experience with Siemens products and in particular with its PLCs, HMIs and Motor Drives. In addition, it always experiments with new technologies, such as the new Weintek products and other technologies that gradually appear on the market.

If our values ​​have intrigued you, discover our history to understand not only our present and future but also our past so as to understand how we have arrived so far.